Aanvullende programma's (plug-ins)

Adaptive Cycle Toolkit

Adaptive Trading Solutions (ATS)

ATS genereert niet alleen dagelijkse koop en verkoop signalen, maar geeft ook mathematisch berekende in- en uitstap niveaus voor de future handel.

AlphOmega Elliot Waves

Bollinger Band System

Dit zeer selectieve tradingsysteem is afgeleid van het succes van de Bollinger Bands. De BBS geven u aan wanneer u een trade moet aangaan en hoe lang u de winsten moet laten oplopen.


Dr. Elder's Trading Room

Introducing Dr. Elder's Trading Room, the newly released add-on to MetaStock software.

This add-on contains the indicators found in Dr. Alexander Elder's books, "Trading for a Living" and "Come into my Trading Room," not already found in the MetaStock software.

Dr. Elder's Trading Room add-on has 14 unique indicators, 12 pre-built templates, 7 explorations, and 3 expert advisors to help you immediately start trading the way Dr. Elder recommends.

Dynamic Trading Tools (for Metastock < 9.0)

Sensational tools that increase MetaStock's power!
Dynamic Support & Resistance Trendlines
Profit using Support, Resistance, and Trendline Breakouts

Elwave 7.7a voor Metastock EOD


ELWAVE Add-on for MetaStock is another step forward in the development of one of the world's best Elliott Wave program which has been made available to fit in the Metastock environment.


ETS is a Complete Trading System

ETS is a complete trading system with buy and sell entries, protective stops, trailing stops and profit targets. With every trade you will know the precise entry level and whether you are going long or short, how much you need to risk on the trade and when to exit.

FX Traders Advantage

The FX Trader’s Advantage plug-in includes custom indicators, explorations, system tests, and expert advisors that focus on trading currency pairs. All of the tools are based on the same underlying algorithms. Price of this Add-on is ca € 83,-- / month

Greg Morris Breadth Indicator Toolbox

The Greg Morris Breadth Indicators Tool Box for MetaStock includes all the indicators in the book, over 3 years of daily and weekly breadth data for the NYSE market and the Nasdaq market. Formulas will work with NYSE, Nasdaq, and/or combined market data (over 500 formulae). All the indicators formulae will be automatically imported into your MetaStock, bringing the power of market breadth analysis to a new level. Market Breadth Indicators help you feel more confident in your trading decisions, giving you an edge in the markets.

ICE 2.6

Each symbol listed on every exchange in the world is unique. It has its own trading activity, volatility, and other characteristics. Ideally, each symbol should have its own unique trading system specifically fine-tuned for its individual nuances.

Before now, creating separate trading systems for all your stocks was a daunting task. In fact, creating just one single trading system could have taken days or even weeks to develop.

But with ICE 2.6, you can create and optimize your own trading systems with just a few mouse clicks – and NO formula writing or programming required!

JBL Risk Manager

Every successful trader and investor knows the importance of a proven trading plan or system and understands that it requires both entry and exit rules and the discipline to follow them. Unfortunately many traders focus almost all of their attention on what to trade and when. .
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John Bollinger's Bollinger Band Tool Kit

Unleash the Power of Bollinger Bands Bollinger Bands are so prevalent for a reason - they work! In this new add-on, John Bollinger shares the tools he uses to trade successfully in up, down, and sideways markets. Bollinger Bands have become such an accepted and widely used technical analysis tool because they work so well. On the simplest level they tell the analyst when prices are high or low on a relative basis—but there are many more uses. I wrote “Bollinger on Bollinger Bands” to explain how I use Bollinger Bands, which indicators I use for confirmation, and to present some trading ideas. After the book was published, readers asked me how they could implement these—and that was the birth of the Bollinger Band Tool Kit.

The Bollinger Band Tool Kit was created for investors who want to unleash the power of Bollinger Bands in their trading. It includes 42 indicators, three chart templates, nine example systems, six explorations and four experts. We left the code open, so you can adapt the tools for your own trading style."

John Murphy's Chart Pattern Recognition

Identificeer de meest profeitelijke chart patronen in seconden!
Gebasserd op de expertische van CNBC-TV analyst John Murphy.

With Chart Pattern Recognition, you can examine hundreds (even thousands!) of charts with a click of your mouse. CPR generates a report within MetaStock to give you valuable trading details for the particular pattern on your chart. You'll know exactly how to place your buy and sell positions, and even where to place your stops. In addition, the reports will give you price projections where the security price will move within a specified period of time. You can also use CPR to generate daily trading alerts with patterns that aren't fully formed. Each pattern is computer-verified and supplemented with John Murphy's own expert commentary.

Reversal Patterns Continuation Patterns Head and Shoulders Symmetrical Triangles
Inverse Head and Shoulders Ascending Triangles
Triple Tops Descending Triangles
Triple Bottoms
Double Tops
Double Bottoms


In addition to the Fundamental field viewing capabilities of MetaMarket Plus, this advanced companion to MetaStock version 8 allows you to add Fundamental criteria to the MetaStock Explorer. As part of the installation you will also receive 40 new MetaStock Explorations covering a variety of Industry Searches and Fundamental criteria searches. You can easily construct your own combined Technical and Fundamental criteria, or, you can modify any of the 40+

Metastock Performance Systems Plus

Maak uw Metastock pakket compleet met 80 geteste systemen en. Bespaar u het vele uren durende testen en optimaliseren want dat hebben wij reeds voor u gedaan. Geen enkel Technisch Analyse pakket geeft u zoveel rigoreus geteste systemen.

MetaStock® SpyGlass Market ToolboxTM

Smart traders use smart tools. Now you can take advantage of one of the most strategic,
most powerful collection of MetaStock trading tools ever developed...the SpyGlass Market Toolbox!

SpyGlass is loaded with many features that will increase the power of your MetaStock software, with trading systems, the ability to plot and analyze fundamental data, and much more to help you gain that "profitable edge" in the markets.

SpyGlass Market Toolbox

Nison's Candlestick tradingsystemen

NCU indentificeert fluctuaties die verschijnen in hoofdtrends, en geeft u duidelijke en consistente trading signalen!


PowerPivots Plus™ (PP+)

Timing is alles indien u wilt traden!
PowerPivots helpt u om de juiste in- en uitstap momenten te bepalen!

Trade Oracle

Introducing Trade Oracle, the newest MetaStock add-on from Trading System Analysis Group (TSAGroup). TSAGroup has had monumental success with their Performance Systems Plus and Adaptive Trading Solutions plug-ins. If you like Performance Systems Plus, you are going to love Trade Oracle's ability to take the PSP's trading systems to a whole new level of power and performance. Trade Oracle is a versatile trading system package that works with Stocks, Futures, Options, End-of-Day, and Intraday Trading.

90 carefully selected systems shown to be historically successful with a majority of securities and its respective indicators.

These systems were chosen from a library of over 10,000 systems. The requirement being that each system needed to return more profit than "buy and hold" on more than 50% of the stocks trading in the current stock market. (Measurement method was based on the amount that the system could profit per day in trade versus buy-and-hold's ability to profit per day in position.)

TrendMedium End of Day

The market is infinitely complex. To have a hope of understanding what the market is likely to do, you need tools that can model this complexity and reduce it into information that a human mind - easily the most complex and advanced computer that we have - can judge, assimilate and make decisions on.

TrendMedium Realtime

Walter Bressert's ProfitTrader for MetaStock (end of day)

ProfitTrader is a software program with an applied methodology used to buy bottoms, sell tops, and determine trends and trend reversals. Originally developed by Bressert for the futures markets, the ProfitTrader methodology can be applied to any market, any time frame, and is as timely and effective in stocks as it is in futures.

Walter Bressert's ProfitTrader for MetaStock (intraday)

ProfitTrader is a software program with an applied methodology used to buy bottoms, sell tops, and determine trends and trend reversals. Originally developed by Bressert for the futures markets, the ProfitTrader methodology can be applied to any market, any time frame, and is as timely and effective in stocks as it is in futures.