Nison's Candlestick tradingsystemen

NCU indentificeert fluctuaties die verschijnen in hoofdtrends, en geeft u duidelijke en consistente trading signalen!


Nison’s Candlesticks Unleashed®
A plug-in for MetaStock 7.0 and above

Leave it to noted trade expert Steve Nison to spearhead the creation of an innovative trading program that capitalizes on the fluctuating, yet highly predictable price movements of the markets. Here's how NCU's powerful tools can help you reduce risk and make more reliable trades:

An Expert Advisor helps you determine whether the climate in the global stock market is bullish or bearish. That way, you'll have the benefit of knowing whether you should be bullish, bearish, or neutral.

Depending on whether the overall market is bullish or bearish, use one of two explorations to screen for the strongest Buy or Short Trade candidates. These explorations (Bull and Bear) search for stocks showing any of their eight candlestick patterns. And based on Steve Nison's proprietary formula, the exploration report will also reveal which of those stocks show greatest evidence of movement in favor of a trade; whether it be up or down.

NCU provides you with a Reward/Risk Ratio to decrease risk and protect your money. By using the limit price provided by the Expert Commentary to enter your trades, you are ensured of opening the trade with an acceptable Reward/Risk ratio, that being -- your potential for gain is 50% greater than your potential for loss.

Monitoring your trade... NCU adapts to the stock's movement and recalculates the daily numbers to give you the most strategic exit signals. Nothing could be more dynamic or robust!
Simple, yet reliable and robust, Nison's Candlesticks Unleashed will prove to be a powerful addition to your trading program - Guaranteed!