Adaptive Trading Solutions (ATS)

ATS genereert niet alleen dagelijkse koop en verkoop signalen, maar geeft ook mathematisch berekende in- en uitstap niveaus voor de future handel.

Adaptive Trading Solutions®
A plug-in for MetaStock 7.03 and above

Important: You must have MetaStock 7.03 or higher to use this product.

Technical traders are always looking for ways to increase their odds for trading success. Unfortunately, the ability to mathematically calculate the odds of success on an individual trade has always remained elusive - that is, until now.

Introducing Adaptive Trading Solutions (ATS), two highly robust trading systems, explorations, and expert commentaries that calculate your potential for winning trades and higher profits!

Here's how Adaptive Trading Solutions helps you trade with more confidence and peace of mind!

Two Trading Systems that are among the most highly effective ever developed! These systems were shown to be the most successful, out of the 20,000 trading systems tested on more than 2,000 securities!

The Historical Success Rate shows you how well the system has worked in the past. Not only will ATS generate stocks with buy signals for that day, but you can sort them according to their past rate of success or confidence level.

The Confidence Level lets you know your level of future risk, based on past success, the amount of data available, and conservation levels! No more guesswork. Now you'll know - mathematically - just what the chances of a trade's success really are.

The System Tester shows you exactly where each buy/sell and win/loss would have occurred. In addition, it shows you - in graph form - how steady or sporadic past wins/losses were and the amount of your profits/losses.

The Expert Commentary lets you know what to expect from your wins and losses. Now you can compare and trade the stocks that, historically, have made the "larger" wins and "smaller" losses with ATS's trading systems.
All this power, and yet ATS is amazingly easy to use. Even new traders and those less computer-savvy will appreciate just how simple and user-friendly ATS really is.

With MetaStock and Adaptive Trading Solutions, the odds really are in your favor!