Risk Management

JBL Risk Management

Every successful Trader and Investor knows the importance of a proven trading plan or system and understand it requires both entry and exit rules and the discipline to follow them. Most unfortunately focus almost all of their attention in only finding what to trade and when. To survive it
s more important to have and follow a sound, easy to understand, Money Risk Management plan. This user-friendly software will automatically calculate your trade size or how many shares to trade, where your initial Stop loss exit price level will be, protecting your Trading Capital & your Trailing / Profit Stop exit price, to protect your Profits.

This Money Management software will give you a simple step-by-step method of keeping your emotions in check, remove the guess work from your trading, help monitor your performance accurately, with simple to understand reporting and track each trade easily as it integrates with your MetaStock data. It will help make sure you benefit by using sophisticated Money Risk Management strategies that work!


How to Handle your trade?