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Professionals rely on two important factors when making trading decisions-Price and Volume

VWAP Pivot Points!

Since the Pros use VWAP as a key barometer of value, it makes

sense to understand where the market saw value in a prior period of time, so the information can be used as guidance in the upcoming period of time. This is where  VWAP Pivot Points come in handy.


hThes two elements tell you everything you needs to know about price and where it may be headed. So it makes sense that we would develop a POWERFUL new plug-in that is based soely on price and volume.

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Ride the Wave, Bag the Profit!

WaveTrader identifies ALL highprobability entry points defined by the Higher Low and Lower High patterns. As such, there are a number of ways to use them. You can trade with the trend, and use them to identify high-probability reversal points, with the same low-risk Stop placement characteristics. These are some of the biggest winners!

Chart Pattern Recognition Module 6

Trend Line Break (iTLB) 2.0

Nirvana’s new indicator Trend Line Break (iTLB) Plug-in is an awesome tool to help you make money in this market. This plug-in automatically generates Trend Line Breaks on indicators and provides early confirmed signals ahead of the big moves

The iTLB Systems do an amazing job of finding reversals in any liquid market. As indicators move from oversold to overbought levels, Trend Lines drawn across the indicators signal reversals when the line are broken. These signals are both earlier and better confirmed than any other approach we have used or seen. The iTLB Systems generate higher odds of calling reversal than any other system in the standard OmniTrader collection, which means your odds of winning are going to be improved.

Nirvanna GMMA Package Plug-in


PVerbetert de kwaliteit van de signalen 
PZoekt naar trendtrading kandidaten
PToont valse breakout signalen bij uitbraken
PVerbeter uw trading inzicht door te waarnemen

Volume systems Plug-in

Wanneer een trade ontstaat, is de prijs slechts een deel van het verhaal! De meest succesvolle traders hebben geleerd de volumes in hun strategie op te nemen. Volumes geven een indicatie van de kracht van het signaal en het marktsentiment.

Nirvana Darvas Box Package

Find great breakout candidates using Nicolas Darvas' techniques.

Nirvana automated Nicolas Darvas' famous approach to trading breakouts in the Darvas Box Plug-in for OmniTrader. Working within the basic premise of the Darvas Box method, we created a comprehensive set of Indicators, Trading Systems, and Strategies that are will make a valuable addition to OmniTrader's Strategy Library.

Pring KST

Systems has teamed up with Martin Pring in the creation of three powerful new strategies based on his KST Indicator.

The Pring KST Plug-in contains various new indicators and systems which can be used to improve your trading. These indicators and systems were used to construct three different trading strategies as defined by Martin Pring. Each strategy was designed to find a particular type of trading opportunity. You can use any (or all) of these strategies to find great short term reversal trading candidates. You can also use the KST Indicator as a filter to help isolate overbought and oversold conditions.

SDK schrijf zelf uw tradingsystemen (introductie prijs)

SDK bevat alle componenten die vereist zijn voor een Visulal Basic programmeur om nieuwe trading systemen, indicatoren en exits te schrijven voor Omnitrader.
SDK wordt geleverd met alle benodigde documentatie en 30 dagen gratis technische ondersteuning om een programmeur operationeel te krijgen. U heeft echter wel Visual Basic 6.0 nodig en voldoende ervaring hiermee om succesvol te kunnen programmeren.


FOLIOfn Investing with OmniTrader Made Easy

1. Using a special new column in the Focus List, click next to stocks you want to be Long. As you do this, that row row in the Focus List row turns GREEN and the letter "L" appears in the column.

To exit an existing position, click the row again. A "C" appears in the column, and the row turns BLUE to indicate that the position will be closed.

2. When you are happy with your selections, click the "FOLIOfn" button.

Turtle Trader

Woodie's CCI

Strategy Wizzard

Create Profitable Trading Strategies with Ease!

􀀹 CREATE profitable New Strategies with minimal effort.
􀀹 TUNE existing Strategies for maximum profi tability.
􀀹 ADJUST Strategies to changing market conditions.
􀀹 ADAPT Strategies to specifi c lists to be traded.
􀀹 Learn how to achieve maximum profi tability in our Creating

Hot Strategy Finder



Money Zone 3.0

Money Zone 3.0

Conners RSI