Nirvana Darvas Box Package

Find great breakout candidates using Nicolas Darvas' techniques.

Nirvana automated Nicolas Darvas' famous approach to trading breakouts in the Darvas Box Plug-in for OmniTrader. Working within the basic premise of the Darvas Box method, we created a comprehensive set of Indicators, Trading Systems, and Strategies that are will make a valuable addition to OmniTrader's Strategy Library.

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Support/resistance filters

Nirvana automates Nicolas Darvas' famous approach in the Nirvana Darvas Box Plug-in for OmniTrader. As an OmniTrader user, you will want this powerful tool on your side-both as a confirmer and an entry signal generator.

  • Find outstanding breakout candidates with three different Darvas strategies.
  • Enable strategies that are accurate, profitable, and non-optimized! Your signals will not change.
  • Confirm powerful breakout moves with the included indicators.
  • Apply Support/Resistance Filters to your OmniTrader strategies to improve overall signal accuracy.
The Darvas Box
The Nirvana Darvas Box (DB) Plug-in Includes:
  • DB Classic Indicator
  • DB Nirvana Indicator*
  • DB Classic Support Indicator*
  • DB Classic Resistance Indicator*
  • DB Classic Support/Resistance Indicator*
  • DB Classic System (DAR-B)
  • DB Nirvana System (DAN-B)*
  • DB Support/Resistance System (DSR-B)*
  • DB Classic Trailing Stop

Nicolas Darvas was not a stock market professional, yet he was able to become a millionaire several times over through his unique investment approach, known in popular trading circles as the "Darvas Box".

By establishing a "box" around price, Darvas could not only determine optimum entry and exit points, but also assess his risk even before entering the trade.

Automating the Darvas Box Process

Here at Nirvana, we set out to automate the Darvas Box process, but we didn't stop there. Working within the basic premise of the Darvas Box method, we took it to the next level. The result of our efforts is a comprehensive set of Indicators, Trading Systems and Strategies, that are a valuable addition to OmniTrader.

The Nirvana Darvas Box Plug-in includes three trading strategies based on Darvas Boxes:

  • Darvas Box Classic Strategy
  • Darvas Box Nirvana Strategy
  • Darvas Box Classic Support/Resistance Strategy

The Darvas Box Classic Strategy implements the well-known Darvas Box approach to trading, while the newly developed Darvas Box Nirvana and Darvas Box Classic Support/Resistance trading strategies are variations on Darvas' original work.

While each of these strategies is designed to find breakout opportunities in the short to medium-term timeframes, each take a slightly different approach to generating signals. This gives you the flexibility to apply the method most appropriate to your style of trading.

This chart of MMM shows signals generated from the Darvas Box Nirvana Strategy. This strategy uses two confirming trading systems and a single filter to generate trading opportunities. click to enlarge

The NIrvana Darvas Box Plug-in will enhance your ability to find great trading opportunities. Add the NIrvana Darvas Box Plug-in to your copy of OmniTrader and improve your trading results today!

* Nirvana Darvas Box Plug-in works with OmniTrader 2004 and OmniTrader 2005. Not available for prior versions of OmniTrader.