Ride the Wave, Bag the Profit!

WaveTrader identifies ALL highprobability entry points defined by the Higher Low and Lower High patterns. As such, there are a number of ways to use them. You can trade with the trend, and use them to identify high-probability reversal points, with the same low-risk Stop placement characteristics. These are some of the biggest winners!

If you take a look at the chart to the right, you can quickly see the power of the new WaveTrader plug-in for OmniTrader and VisualTrader. Markets move in waves. They rally, pull back, rally, and pull back again within the primary trend. In declines, the opposite happens—a stock or futures contract will drop, pull back, and drop again. It’s like a roller coaster with higher valleys and lower peaks. These valleys and peaks form our Higher Lows and Lower Highs—the least risk entry point for any trade.

WaveTrader generates these highprobability Signals at precisely these points using a new Trading System that is included with the plug-in. This State of Nirvana illustrates the many great features of WaveTrader; here is a quick summary.|

The Best Signals at the Least Risk Entry Points

Fire up WaveTrader and run it on the WaveScans list or any list of stocks you are watching. You are going to be amazed at how well the Strategy pinpoints new strength or weakness at these key turning points, above the prior Low (for Longs) or below the prior High (for Shorts). It generates lots of great Signals, so you get plenty of candidates. By prospecting with the new WaveTrader Strategies, you are going to find some great opportunities in the market each day.

Ride the Waves for Maximum Profit with New Seminar

WaveTrader works like any other plug-in. The new Strategies are added to your Strategy List. Just activate them, run the To Do List, and start reviewing opportunities. There are certain applications of WaveTrader that enhance its power even more, and to this end we have produced a special seminar, Trade the Waves, that shows you how to find the best Wave Trades and how to manage them for maximum profits.

Configurable WaveTrader Systems and Indicators

The Trading Systems that identify Higher Highs and Lower Lows are included as components, and are highly configurable. Add them to any Strategy you have been using to automatically confirm that a Signal is occurring near a probable Higher Low or Lower High.

Plus – Elliott Waves!|

t was only natural to apply WaveTrader to the Elliott Wave concept. Never has it been easier to find and trade Elliott Wave opportunity points. See the examples!