Volume systems Plug-in

Wanneer een trade ontstaat, is de prijs slechts een deel van het verhaal! De meest succesvolle traders hebben geleerd de volumes in hun strategie op te nemen. Volumes geven een indicatie van de kracht van het signaal en het marktsentiment.

When it comes to trading, price movement is only part of the story. We all know how important volume is in trading.

Many of the world's most famous traders and technical analysts, including Richard Arms, Larry Williams, and Joseph Granville, have focused a great deal of study on the relationship between price and volume. Following exhaustive research, our development team created a new set of Trading Systems based exclusively on volume indicators. The result is a powerful new Trading System plug-in for OmniTrader.

Volume Systems have distinct advantages over other Trading Systems.

Since volume is an early indication of breakout or reversal moves, Volume Systems tend to fire earlier, meaning an increase in profitability. Also, many of these systems use a new signal filtering method called Volume Bounds. Volume Bounds help to eliminate whipsaws by filtering signals that are not accompanied by a certain amount of volume. This means more accurate signals and more profitable signals. This new set of systems makes a valuable addition to OmniTrader's Systems Library.

Here we see a plot of one of our new volume systems, the On-Balance Volume Crossover System. This system uses of the Volume Bounds filter, to eliminate false signals during periods of consolidation.

The Nirvana Volume Systems Plug-in includes a special Volume Systems Profile, which makes use of these new systems as well as the existing Volume Systems in OmniTrader.

The Volume Systems Strategy tests favorably against the OmniTrader Default Profile in terms of accuracy and shows increased profits of over 3% per trade. The Volume Systems Strategy will give you the confidence of knowing that you have maximized a key technical confirmation factor-volume confirmation.

Based on three of the most popular indicators, you receive the following eight new volume systems:

  • ACD-C Accumulation/Distribution Crossover
  • ACD-D Accumulation/Distribution Divergence
  • OBV-C On Balance Volume Crossover
  • OBV-D On Balance Volume Divergence
  • VPT-C Volume/Price Trend Crossover
  • VPT-D Volume/Price Trend Divergence
  • VPT-P Volume/Price Trend Peaks
  • VPT-T Volume/Price Trend Trend

*The Nirvana Volume Systems Plug-in works with OmniTrader 2002, OmniTrader 2003, OmniTrader 2004, and OmniTrader 2005. Not available for prior versions of OmniTrader.