Trend Line Break (iTLB) 2.0

Nirvana’s new indicator Trend Line Break (iTLB) Plug-in is an awesome tool to help you make money in this market. This plug-in automatically generates Trend Line Breaks on indicators and provides early confirmed signals ahead of the big moves

The iTLB Systems do an amazing job of finding reversals in any liquid market. As indicators move from oversold to overbought levels, Trend Lines drawn across the indicators signal reversals when the line are broken. These signals are both earlier and better confirmed than any other approach we have used or seen. The iTLB Systems generate higher odds of calling reversal than any other system in the standard OmniTrader collection, which means your odds of winning are going to be improved.

The Momentum Trend Line Break (MOM-TLB) system: Sudden reversals in momentum are often indicative of a change in trend. We use a Trend Line Break to identify early reversals, as shown here. Notice that most of these signals occur on the earliest possible bar of the reversal.

The iTLB Strategies work amazingly well on stocks. The top performer is the iTLB Reversal Strategy. In our testing, this strategy was over 80% accurate in an optimized, 250 period back test on the S&P 100.

The chart below illustrates how well iTLB Strategies can find powerful reversals. The iTLB Reversal Strategy works by voting ALL iTLB Systems to produce a voted signal. In the chart, the March turndown in HIG was detected when 4 out of the 7 Systems fired Short within a few bars. The Long Reversal in late April was fortuitous, as the stock gapped and rallied 15% after the signal.

These signals on Hartford illustrate the iTLB Reversal strategy. When multiple iTLB systems fire at the same time, there is usually a strong reversal indicated. In this strategy, all of the iTLB systems are voted to generate signals.

The iTLB concept also works well on Mutual Funds. Mutual funds can hold trends for long periods of time and then suddenly reverse. The iTLB method catches these reversals, allowing investors to switch between mutual funds at optimal times.

The iTLB plug-in is a powerful addition for your OmniTrader tool box. The great thing about OmniTrader is that you can activate these strategies in addition to others you are already using to find the earliest confirmed reversal in your list. And, iTLB finds them quicker than any other method!

The Nirvana iTLB Plug-in Includes:
  • Trend Line Breaks (TLB) on MACD (MAC_TLB)
  • Trend Line Breaks on Momentum Oscillator (MOM-TLB)
  • Trend Line Breaks on Stochastics Oscillator (STO-TLB)
  • Trend Line Breaks on Detrended Price Oscillator (DTO-TLB)
  • Trend Line Breaks on Ultimate Oscillator (UTO-TLB)
  • Trend Line Breaks on Williams %R (WRO-TLB)
  • Trend Line Breaks on Commodity Channel Index (CCI-TLB)
  • iTLB 4-Day Reversal
  • iTLB Funds Strategy
  • iTLB Momentum Swings
  • iTLB Reversal Strategy

* Nirvana iTLB Plug-in works with OmniTrader 2005. Not available for prior versions of OmniTrader.