FOLIOfn Investing with OmniTrader Made Easy

1. Using a special new column in the Focus List, click next to stocks you want to be Long. As you do this, that row row in the Focus List row turns GREEN and the letter "L" appears in the column.

To exit an existing position, click the row again. A "C" appears in the column, and the row turns BLUE to indicate that the position will be closed.

2. When you are happy with your selections, click the "FOLIOfn" button.

The interface is displayed, with all your pending positions set at your default allocation. You can adjust the allocations up and down with just a few clicks on the percentage adjuster on the right.

3. When you are satisfied with your new position mix, just click Preview Orders, sign-in to the FOLIOfn® website, and the positions will be sent to the site for execution at the next trading window. You can also cancel pending trades any time ahead of the window.

The more you review charts and gain experience with turning points and breakouts, the better you will get at this process. For a novice, 20-30 minutes might be required. An experienced user is typically done in 5-10 minutes.

OmniTrader's FOLIOfn® Interface actually makes investing FUN! The FOLIOfn® Interface works with OmniTrader 2004 and OmniTrader 2005. Not available for prior versions of OmniTrader.