Metastock XVI D/C

Nieuw  Metastock 18 EOD

Metastock is het meest verkochte technische analyse pakket ter wereld en is zeer bruikbaar voor aandelen- en index beleggers. Er bestaat een end of day en een realtime versie. De software is ook voor futures en valuta zeer geschikt.

Dat is met deze versie nu wel mogelijk! Daarnaast kan men ook CSV files inlezen (ascii), gebruik maken van het nieuwste Metastock formaat maar ook van Reutersdata.

Bij de aanschaf krijgt u een jaar gratis de service fee (normaal € 10,-)


  • Een servicecontract is verplicht u betaalt hiervoor slechts € 10 jaar.
  • Bij data-abonnementhouders van Equis zit dit bedrag in hun abonnement inbegrepen.
    U ontvangt alle onderhoudsreleases, patches en heeft recht op klantenondersteuning.
  • Deze dient u bij bestelling van een nieuwe versie of update te voldoen aan Equis via volgende link Betalen service fee.




Wilt u Metastock upgraden?
Klik hier om te upgraden alle versies zowel EOD als Realtime

New Product names

We've renamed the MetaStock Professional as MetaStock R/T for real time. To Match this we've added the DC for MetaStock Daily Charts. Now that MetaStock features hourly updates in most markets we felt this would be a better way to classify the products.

New product names:MetaStock R/T (Replace MetaStock Pro)

MetaStock D/C (Replace for MetaStock EOD)

New Improved Power Console

We've revamped the power console based on user feedback and dealer requests. All new Power Console screens are designed to be opened and used from one screen. The new Power Console also features memories, so it will remember what exploration you did last and what list you used last. So now everything is accessible from one mouse click or even better hitting the enter key. Here's the details on what has changed.

  • One screen access (run your test, explore, forecaster, and chart all from one screen). No more clicking next.
  • Resizable Window- Make the Power Console easier to manage with a resizable window
  • Split Screen - The split screen lets you view and manage your lists, tests, and explorations easier
  • Summary Button - the summary button will let you review your test or scan before running
  • Context sensitive window - right click on lists or system to perform functions such as creating custom lists or creating new systems.
  • Improved exploration and test experience - remains on the tab after action is performed so as to not confuse workflow.
  • Use template’s periodicity - if you have multiple time frame templates or templates coded to a time frame they can now be opened directly from the Power Console.
  • Cursor defaults to open chart screen

New Advanced Search

It's now easier than ever to find the Stocks and Instruments you are interested in. Spend less time finding your symbols and more time trading with these new features.

  • In Power Console search now allows for contains, starts with, or ends with.
  • In Power Console search only your personal defined public lists or all lists.
  • In Choose Security dialogue will allow for search only in the list you opened chart from, all user defined public lists, or all lists
  • In choose security dialogue will allow you to scroll through list and then choose instrument.
  • Lists are dynamic and makes switching between symbols easier

Tick Bars (R/T only)

Tick Bars are here!

  • Create a bar based on a defined number of ticks. Anywhere from 1-10000
  • Use predefined Fibonacci numbers. 89,144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597


  • Right click and add to custom list


The Forecaster has seen a lot of new revisions. Now users can DRAW patterns free hand, as well as identify patterns from existing chart records. Want to see if today's gap is statistically revealing likely price behaviors? Want to draw in a Head and Shoulders pattern and see a Forecast Cloud?

In addition we've added new ranking capabilities to the Forecaster. Ever want to see which patterns produce the Most Accurate Cloud?

Here's the details of what has been added to the new Forecaster:


  • Draw your own pattern such as head and shoulders, tops, bottoms, triangles, shapes, or bar patterns (1 up, 5 down).
  • Copy any pattern directly from the chart to identify patterns that you wish to copy directly.
  • Quick test against the security to look for matches
  • Set the number of bars in the pattern
  • Set the sensitivity of the pattern to Low, Medium or High
  • Look for the pattern based on shape or shape and location.
  • Quickly copy, modified, invert or reverse any pattern selected.
  • Patterns are highlighted on chart when events are selected.
  • Patterns overview screen showing % confidence match as well as the drawn pattern vs the chart data

New Built in Event Recognizers

  • Triple Witching Event
  • Moving average cross 10/40 down
  • Moving average cross 10/40 up
  • Santa Claus Rally
  • January Barometer Negative
  • January Barometer Positive


New Ranking abilities

  • Sort the recognized events (and set as default for future)

    • Highest Profit Potential
    • Highest Profit Potential Long
    • Highest Profit Potential Short
    • Most accurate forecast cloud
    • Most distinct cloud
    • Sort by name


LCI Trading System

  • System based on support and resistance
  • Uses both Fibonacci and Support & Resistance in calculations
  • Commentary that gives trade management including: entry, exit, target, and stop settings.