Elwave voor Tradestation 2000i

Bevat Tradestation add-on module en full Intraday stand alaone versie.

How simple could it become to use a complex method like Elliott Wave Principle? The answer: ELWAVE for Tradestation . Did you ever dream of analyzing any stock, index or other item with just one key stroke? Again, this first release for the TradeStation platform is the answer.

Ease of use reinvented
No hassle, just click and go! Select or load a price chart, choose Indicators from the main menu and select “ELWaveCount”. Instantaneously the chart will be analyzed according to the Elliott Wave Principle. Quickly, detailed and as fast as a true, complex Elliott Wave analysis can get! The best wave count currently available will be presented in a separate dialog box, the so called Summary Inspector, which contains a composite, crystal clear outlook. Simply pull up the Insert Analysis Techniques menu in TradeStation and select ELWaveCount.

Concise trading information
The Summary Inspector tells you all you need to know on multiple time frames, such as expected next price movement, current wave, targets, exits and risk/ rewards. As soon as all time frames show an up trend, the stock has a high probability to explode. You will never miss an early warning anymore! On top of that, the price chart of TradeStation clearly shows the expected direction of the market as it does in the chart of Intel shown below.

On the left you see the truncated chart of Intel Corp. with the Elliott Wave labeling and the projected targets. On the right you can see what happened in the days and weeks to follow.

The Summary Inspector gives you a clear outlook for three consecutive timeframes.

Of course it doesn’t stop here. Would you like to scan for stocks that are ready to explode or are about to crash? Then you have found what you are looking for! This exciting new module can search for specific Elliott Wave setups.For example, searching for stocks with a positive outlook, or a so called “wave 3 in wave 3” in an up trend, is no problem at all using ELWAVEs scanning features. With this awesome power at your fingertips you have the highest probability of finding the longest future price moves as well as the strongest acceleration. That is exactly what the Scanning module will do, automatically! It will find your opportunities and save precious time. Operation of the Scanning module is really very simple. Select the list of stocks you would like to explore as well as the conditions as for example “all positive”. Press the SCAN NOW! button and make your pick. Quickly all accepted stocks will be presented in the Scan Inspector. It really is that easy! No expert knowledge required! Should you be familiar with Elliott Wave or a “wave 3 in wave 3”? The answer is a clear “NO”. We have already predefined the most interesting Elliott Wave setups to look for. Of course, in case you would like to define your own search conditions, you can freely do so.

The Scan Inspector quickly provides all the information you need on accepted and rejected stocks in a single window