Highlights Metastock XV

Offline Mode - Ability to run MetaStock offline and not connected to internet

Don’t like being tied to the internet? MetaStock now has the ability to run offline with no connection to the internet. This will allow you to save your charts offline and study your chart analysis. Now you connect to the internet, download the latest updates and then take your analysis on the go.

Read Local Data - Ability to read legacy MSFL, New File Format, and CSV format.

MetaStock XV is flexible enough to keep up with just about any type of data. We know that users may have data from different sources and multiple types of data. Shouldn’t the program you use be able to read them all? That is why we have made MetaStock XV flexible enough to read the standard in local data called MetaStock File Format, CSV, and our new improved format MetaStock format called MSLocal.

New Data Format - New improved file format for more precise data, accuracy, and speed.

It does this and it does that… why wouldn’t you want to use it?

New Downloader - For downloading Storing, Converting, and manipulating data.

Built from the ground up the new Downloader is designed to help you help you quickly and easily work with your local data. Downloader can take your legacy MetaStock File format or any data in CSV format and convert it to MetaStock’s newest file format. Downloader now has an intuitive Downloader Console to help you navigate and manage the local data on your pc. Adjusting, creating, storing, converting, and moving data has never been easier. Downloader now also supports the hourly snaphot (for select markets).

RDL 2.0

No longer a need for setting ports, hotspot friendly with no required port, shouldn’t be blocked by internal firewalls.

Customize Time Frames on Explorer, System Tester, Forecaster (Scan & Test on anytime frame)

Now you have the ability to Scan, Test, Forecast in anytime frame. With the ability to customize your time frame you are no longer limited to a select few time frames. You can now do these tasks with the time frames that best suit you and your trading. With MetaStock D/C you can use multiple day or higher charts to Scan, Test, and Forecast. With MetaStock R/T you can do any multiple of minute, hour, daily or higher.

Forecaster Time Frames -

Ability to Forecast any time frame (rather than just daily)

The forecaster has quickly become a favorite tool in the MetaStock User’s arsenal. One of the most sought after features by traders using the Forecaster is the ability to look at the time frame in which they trade. That is why with MetaStock XV you can now use the Forecaster with the time frame that matches your trading.

New Systems -

Power Strike - Options Trading ($199 Value)

PowerStrike relies on three phenomena of the market:

  1. Stock prices are heavily influenced by trading near option strike price levels. These levels greatly influence where important buying and selling occur.

  2. Support and resistance is based on the concentrated buying and selling of influential traders.

  3. The human mind gravitates towards memorable, easy-to-remember numbers. These values are typical of option strike prices. Hence many traders' attention is drawn to these numbers providing the potential for even more "concentrated" buying and selling.

  • Expert, Exploration, Template

Haguro System - Weekly CandleStick Based System ($99 Value)

The Haguro method is a weekly based CandleStick system. The Haguro method looks at 16 different bars types to determine where the security is in the trend. This method will

  • 2 Explorations

  • 1 Expert Advisor

  • 1 Template

  • 2 Indicators.

The Haguro Method is based on the work of Siki Shimzu. The Haguro method classifies 16 types of Candlesticks into two groups. 8 Green and 8 Red. It then uses support and resistance to determine the trend. By combining the weekly candle formation with support and resistance it is able to define the strength of the trend. The method will Gary Burton who translated Siki Shimzu’s work stated that as technical traders we must always consult the market. The Haguro method helps you do just that.

SectorStat Experts- Top Down approach to markets and sectors. ($149 Value)

The SectorStat Experts expands on the success of the SectorStat indicators that are included in version 13 or higher. The SectorStat Experts uses the McClellan Oscillator and the McClellan Oscillator of Volume to determine strength and weakness. The SectorStat Experts will trigger buy and sells only when there is an alignment between Volume and Price. The SectorStat Experts cover the top 10 sectors in the US and 8 Global markets. The old adage of buy strength and sell weakness is an important aspect of trading. The SectorStat Experts will guide you in knowing breadth of the market. (Requires US stock data and for Global Markets the Indices pack)

  • 40 New Indicators

  • 18 New Experts

  • 19 New Templates

TTT (Teach Talk Trade) Systems - More information to come. ($99 Value)

  • 3 Explorations

  • 3 System Tests

  • 3 Templates

  • 3 Experts

  • 7 Indicators

7 New Templates -

  • Bollinger Bands

  • Oscillating Indicators

  • Popularized MACD

  • Price Percentage Oscillator (PPO)

  • MACD Histogram

  • Pivots Daily (R/T Only)

  • Pivots Weekly